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Михаил Данилов

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About me

My name is Mikhail Danilov.
Welcome to my world of yarn mandala!
I began weaving in 2010, and now it is my main occupation. I am really happy to share my art and skills with my followers and other masters all over the world.
I live in St.Petersburg, Russia, and I do love it's beautiful northern nature, forests and lakes, where I get inspiration to create my mandalas.

My mandalas

I prefer colorful, original designs which help me to transfer my impressions and mood into such a visual and tangible art objects as you can see here in My Gallery

"Magic Circle"

multipurpose device for 6-, 8-, 12-pointed mandalas assembly, and for tibetan mandalas as well.
I designed it for quick and precise weaving, to make your mandala more beautiful. Hundreds of my students and customers all over the world found it very helpful. So, if you weave - don't hesitate, try it!

Video tutorials:

On-line lessons

3 hours (recommended)
fee: 15 USD/1 hour
I accept advance payment on Paypal (danilovmikhail@gmail.com)

For those who is eager to learn my mandala designs but lives too far from Russia ))
Now I give SKYPE LESSONS in English!

Before we start, certain preparations needed:
Setting. I need to see your hands working, so it is much better with external camera, not built—in camera (laptop or phone). Your working place should be lit enough to see small details.
Instruments & Materials:
*yarn 1 mm thick (approx.), 6-10 colors;
*wooden sticks 30-40 cm long (I use bamboo sticks);
*scissors and a needle for yarn;
*pensil & liner
*and my "Magic Circle" (recommended). Available in my shop on ETSY.

Contact me!

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and weaving devices, please visit
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